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CourseDuck gives you real reviews from real learners on a wide variety of courses like web development, marketing, photography, and much more. It’ll even show you useful data that the course providers don’t provide like the length of the course and an independent assessment of the difficulty level. It’s your one-stop-shop for comparing and researching online courses.


If you look around on the web for couse reviews, you’re going to come across tons of haphazardly assembled lists of the supposed ‘best’ courses. But what’s missing from 99% of these pieces is their methodology. How exactly did they determine one course was better than another? Did they take the courses themselves?  In many of these lists of courses, a blogger or journalist will just do a Google search and throw the first results that come up into a WordPress post, slap their affiliate links in there (for commissions), and publish it. At CourseDuck, there’s an ongoing meme among the founders that we are ‘Servants to the Truth’. That is to say, if we are going to say a course is ‘the best’ among the group, then you can be sure we’re going to go to great lengths to prove the accuracy of that claim.

Powered by the Wisdom of the Crowd

The Wisdom of the Crowd is an idea many centuries old. It contends that a large group of ordinary people will have an aggregated opinion that is superior to that of a single expert. This is the underlying principle that makes any review aggregator, such as CourseDuck, work. But for this to work well, you need a large data set (lots of reviews) and the means of filtering spam / low-quality reviews. That’s why we are relentless about improving the quality and quantity of our reviews. When a course ranks #1 within a given category, you can be certain that it has earned that position based on merit and not manipulation.

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