Go (Golang): The Complete Bootcamp [Updated: December 2022] (Udemy.com)

Deeply understand and master the Go Programming Language (Golang) from scratch 1000+ hands-on exercises and projects

Created by: Jose Portilla

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Watch the free videos to see how I teach Go programming in depth.
  • Practice with 1000+ Exercises (with included solutions)
  • Pass Interviews: Master Go Internals In-Depth
  • Master Interfaces and Internals
  • Master Slice Internals: Slice Header and Memory Allocations
  • Master Map Internals: Map Header
  • Encode and Decode JSON
  • Create a log file parser, spam masker, retro led clock, console animations, dictionary programs and so on.

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Overall Score : 96 / 100

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Course Description

Get a Real In-Depth Understanding of Go and its Internal Mechanisms by:
  • Ultra-detailed, entertaining, intuitive, and easy to understand animations.
Learn by doing:
  • Write a log parser, file scanner, spam masker and more.
  • Solve 1000+ hands-on exercises.
  • Learn a lot of tips and tricks that you can't find easily anywhere else.
What's included?
  • Go OOP: Interfaces and Methods
    • Internals of Methods and Interfaces
    • Functions and Pointers: Program design, pass by value, and addressability.
    • Implicit interface satisfaction
    • Type assertion and Type Switch
    • Empty interface: []interface{} vs interface{}
    • Value, Pointer, and Nil Receivers
    • Promoted Methods
  • Famous Interfaces
    • Tips about when to use interfaces
    • fmt.Stringer, sort.Sort, json.Marshaler, json.Unmarshaler, and so on.
  • Composite Types: Arrays, Slices, Maps, and Structs
    • Internals of Slices and Maps
    • Backing array, slice header, capacity, and map header
    • JSON encoding and decoding, field tags, embedding
    • Make, copy, full Slice expressions and append mechanics
    • UTF-8 encoding and decoding
  • Go Type System Mechanics
    • Type inference, underlying, predeclared, and unnamed types.
    • Untyped constants and iota.
    • Blank Identifier, short declaration, redeclaration, scopes, naming conventions
  • I/O
    • Process Command-Line Arguments, printf, working with files, bufio.Scanner, ...
  • How to create your own Go packages
    • How to run multiple Go files, and how to use third-party packages
  • Go tools
    • Debugging Go code, go doc, and others.
  • ...and more.
Why Go?
Go is one of the most desired, easy to learn, and the highest paying programming languages. There are 1+ million Go programmers around the world, and the number is increasing each day exponentially. It's been used by Google, Facebook, Twitter, Uber, Docker, Kubernetes, Heroku, and many others.
Go is Efficient like C, C++, and Java, and Easy to use like Python and Javascript. It's Open-Source, Simple, Powerful, Efficient, Cross-Platform (OS X, Windows, Linux, ...), Compiled, Garbage-Collected, and Concurrent.
Go is best for Command-line Tools, Web APIs, Distributed Network Applications like Microservices, Database Engines, Big-Data Processing Pipelines, and so on.
Go has been designed by one of the most influential people in the industry:
  • Unix: Ken Thompson
  • UTF-8, Plan 9: Rob Pike
  • Hotspot JVM (Java Virtual Machine): Robert Griesemer
Who this course is for:
  • Beginners who have never programmed before.
  • Programmers switching languages to Go.
  • Intermediate Go programmers who want to level up their skills!
  • Intermediate Go programmers who want to learn the internals of slices, maps, interfaces, and so on.

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Instructor Details

Jose Portilla

Jose Marcial Portilla has a BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering from Santa Clara University and years of experience as a professional instructor and trainer for Data Science and programming. He has publications and patents in various fields such as microfluidics, materials science, and data science technologies. Over the course of his career he has developed a skill set in analyzing data and he hopes to use his experience in teaching and data science to help other people learn the power of programming the ability to analyze data, as well as present the data in clear and beautiful visualizations. Currently he works as the Head of Data Science for Pierian Data Inc. and provides in-person data science and python programming training courses to employees working at top companies, including General Electric, Cigna, The New York Times, Credit Suisse, and many more. Feel free to contact him on LinkedIn for more information on in-person training sessions or group training sessions in Las Vegas, NV.#1 "My mission is to make you a world-class expert Go developer"
#2 They say that I've a natural ability to simplify complex topics without dumbing them down.
#3 I believe doing is more important than passively watching. That's why my course includes hundreds of hands-on exercises with full solutions. You'll actively learn rather just watch.
If you sign-up to my course, you'll see what I'm talking about. I'll save you from going th



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I absolutely love this course, Inanc makes each lecture fun and interesting.I have noticed some small erata that I would like to point out to him, that may be confusing to people coming from a non programming background:eg: Recap on Go Type system. The slide shows int16 has being 16 bytes instead of 2 bytes. These are small errors and can be easily picked up by programmers but may cause confusion to non programmers taking the slides on face value.Other than that I am really loving what I am learning, thanks Inanc

Very detailed and every step is good explained.More than enough examples to test yourself and get exercise.

Excellent course to learn Golang! Constantly updated with new videos. I really like the visual explanations and animations

This course tries to explain go language in detail. He changes the code again and again, and shows what happens. However, I feel it's not so fruitful, and the explanation is not so clear enough. He explains a lot, but I don't feel it's getting the point.

The course is very amazing ,alot of details and example to learn itthe instructor also taught alot of think which can be neglected but make coding more understandable and easier.

The course is very detailed and well paced. I doesn't assume you know how to program but it is well structured if you do and tells you where you can skip

Excellent course so far (I'm at 55%). As sometimes things are too basics since I know other languages, among which C language, I just speed up the videos. I haven't taken any course on Udemy where materials have been prepared with so much care and details. This is certainly the best course on golang our there.

The difference between a free course and this one is that Inanc really dived into the topics. 4.5 stars, I'll add the 5th when I'll see the section on Goroutines, Concurrency and Unit Tests. But definitely so far the best Course on Udemy for an Introduction of Go. A lot of effort from Inanc. Keep up the good work !

Very detailed, elaborated and easy to understand lectures.

Very very well explained and put together course for Golang. Having programmed heavily in mostly Python, JS and having good enough foundational knowledge to get things done in a couple other OOP languages, I thought I could just jump straight into Go as well... but it is quite a different beast and this course does a wonderful job explaining those differences, which has allowed me to finally grasp and get going in Go!

One of the best Golang tutorials, I could find out there! Inanc is also very responsive to answer your questions if you run into problems. The only thing I would change is to use proper caption instead of the autogenerated ones - don't know if this is possible through on Udemy's platform This would help understanding the words if you decide to watch the tutorial at a higher speed like 1.5 of the regular speed for instance.

This course is for beginners and people who would like to understand why something happening as per Go lang. It is not just about a piece of code demo, syntax, etc. Inanc has put considerable effort into providing the details that can help both a beginner as well as a senior programmer to establish a solid foundation. I have completed 35% of the course and looking forward to complete the remaining part. Most people might find the course slow - but then what Inanc is trying is to explain requires that pace. Kudos to him for an excellent course.