Java Video Tutorial

Created by Derek Banas, this 60-part video series covers Java from basics to advanced applications. The videos average between 10 and 15 minutes, and the entire course will run more than 10 hours of playtime. It remains one of the most comprehensive introductions to Java on YouTube.

Created by: Derek Banas

Produced in 2011

What you will learn

  • Introduction to Java and programming.
  • User input to create basic programs.
  • Conditional statements and their general applications.
  • String methods and string objects.
  • Polymorphism and inheritance.
  • Swing layout management.
  • XML and managing data.
  • The entire process of creating an original video game in Java.
  • Much, much more.

Quality Score

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Overall Score : 90 / 100

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Course Description

java Awards Best YouTube Tutorial

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    • The YouTube series is completely free to use.
    • Video delivery makes lessons clear and easy to follow.
    • Lessons are fast-paced and unlikely to leave you bored or frustrated.
    • Course goes well beyond the introductory basics of most comparable instruction.
    • Final lesson series covers the complete process of building a video game application from scratch.
    • While it starts with introductory concepts, it is not specifically designed for first-time coders.
    • As it is entirely pre-recorded, there is no direct, interactive learning with the instructor.
    • Explored concepts are mostly generalized. Specific application is lacking.
    • The fast pace of lessons can be intimidating for some who are new to programming.

Instructor Details

Derek Banas

Derek Banas is a marketing consultant, who wants to help people solve their day-to-day problems, for free! He also worked in research and development at Apple, worked as a stock broker for Morgan Stanley, worked in advertising and has run many different businesses, over the years. Derek has a passion for educating people! He has worked in the technology field on a professional level for 26 years. He has been making educational videos for over 10 years. His goal is to empower others across the world to achieve their dreams through low cost education.



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By xConorrr on 3/5/2016

Derek Banas on YouTube has excellent tutorials on every single programming language you can think of. His Java tutorial in particular is really well made.

By Paradigm240 on 10/27/2016

Derek's videos are not tutorials in my opinion. They don't follow any coherent structure, his lessons are all over the place, and you finish without having built anything.That's not to say they're bad, though. I see them as more of a refresher in a language's syntax and abilities. You're not going to learn Java from watching his Java video.

By Pink Ponyofprey on 9/21/2017

For me Derek Banas creates excellent tutorials! It's fastpaced, no bullshit, on the point tuturials that works and in just about all his tutorials you can download the source code, if you don't want to type it out just to try it out once. Each tutorial has some kind of description and he convers a lot in a short amount of time. If you happen to sneeze you can always stop the video and watch again.

By Shems Daughter on 8/15/2014

A!l I can say is, "WOW" This video was amazing! After learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, I decided to tackle something a little meatier. With all the Java tuts on YouTube, yours is the best so far. I'm always impressed when someone gives access to the code displayed with the video, too.

By abc123 on 10/13/2013

Thank you so much for this excellent tutorial. I'm starting my uni studies in obj. or. java in a couple of weeks and this is really giving me a head start!

By viridian on 11/5/2016

Well, this was a serious let-down. You claimed this would be easier to understand than your other video, but it is even more bewildering.I wish you would have started with a short class(? object? blueprint?), taking it apart and explaining which part does what. I wish you would have started with a class(?) that does something. I do understand the message of Hello World, I do, but you keep adding string after string of random things for no apparent reason. Why?You are making this unnecessarily hard, especially for beginners. You've failed to grasp the basics of teaching beginners.

By RyanRunz on 10/26/2018

Using this tutorial now because I'm learning Java in Uni. It's just awesome everything is explained so thoroughly and love that you comment the code in detail as well.

By jerstah on 12/15/2013

very nice tutorial, Ive been doing it for three weeks and this is by far the best on youtube that i have seen. more info, well spoken, well explained.

By ylenwrylle on 12/6/2014

Quick concise and to the point. Very good for those who havebasic background and doesnot want to go through basics with painfully slow pacing.

By Billy Willsmith on 10/26/2014

honestly, these are the BEST java series i have found on youtube.

By Viren Parmar on 11/15/2015

A very effective way to learn!!! Amazing and simple explanation.

By neo coder on 8/12/2014

The videos are good, even though it teaches a lot, it's still explained well easy to understand.