C Programming Language Demystified (Udemy.com)

Through the use of animation this course will demystify the internals of the C language in a way that anyone can learn!

Created by: Bhalchandra Gholkar

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • You will be able to write a small game application in C using pointers, Structures, arrays, functions, etc..
  • You will overcome the fear of pointers, arrays and functions
  • Ability to write 150+ lines of C program using various control structures of C language viz. Decision control structure, loop control structure and switch case control structure in C, functions, and pointers in C
  • Advanced topics like Structues, File Handling, Dynamic Memory Allocation, Preprocessor Directives and Storage Classes in C
  • You will understand and don't need to remember
  • At the end of this course you will be well versed with Programming Fundamentals
  • Master the foundations of the C language
  • You will able to use various compilers like TC, gcc and CodeBlocks

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Overall Score : 96 / 100

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Course Description

What sets us apart from other C language courses? Our novel approach presents the course in real-world illustrations through animation and examples. We explain why you do it, not just how. Have you ever tried to "learn C in an hour", it sometimes takes a little more time. We know that understanding the "why" is just as important as the "how" in getting your head around the concepts of C programming.
This course is designed to be comprehensive, so we assume that you desire the following:
  • Knowledge of computer fundamentals
  • Basic programming fundamentals
  • Mastery of the C programming language through a self-study program
  • Why you should learn the C programming language
  • You want to use curiosity and "out-of-the-box" thinking to create excellent computer programs.
Our voice-over artists are selected to complement the animation and unique teaching styles of our instructors. Tests, quizzes and assignments are dispersed throughout the course to help you retain more information. The self-study nature and added new material ensures that the learning never stops. As the student, your effort and participation determines the extent of your mastery. If you write sufficient programs to practice as you come to the end of each chapter, then you will become a master in the C programming language. We are continuously adding course content and revising older courses to benefit our students.
Whether you are an undergraduate in engineering, a polytechnic student, a professional or looking for an engaging career, then this course is for you! Be ready to explore writing programs in the conventional DOS based TC compiler, the latest IDEs as well as the GCC compiler in the Linux environment.
We are excited to get you started in the rewarding process of learning and mastering the C programming language. Start this course now and get ready to have the C language demystified!Who this course is for:
  • Someone who is passionate about the C programming language
  • A person that needs to refresh their knowledge of C and its syntax
  • Someone who is Brand new to Programming
  • An Undergraduate
  • Any student who wants to learn a general programming language
  • A Grade School or High School student looking to better understand the concepts of programming

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Instructor Details

Bhalchandra Gholkar

Post graduate Engineer... Computer Programming language trainer for last 15 years... Passionate about teaching and have taught personally over 3500 students. Currently my team is developing unique methodology for teaching programming language to the masses at lowest possible price. My team has tried to develop absolutely out of the box e-learning contents similar to Crafting a diamond.... for those who want to understand language concepts... I studied electronics as an Electronic Engineering Technologist at DeVry University. In working in the Audio Video and consumer electronics field since 1994, I have written and used C and C++ programs for work and to help automate every day computer tasks from stock trading applications to Graphical, Standard Deviation calculators. It is a pleasure to help others in topics that I have already spent so much time learning. For over the last 20 years I have been continually updating and practicing C and C+ programming skills.
I hope you enjoy the course.



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Concepts are explained in simple language ,as well as animation helps for better understanding.

it is very helpful, the way you explain the content is very good, like using animation,giving assignmnts,taking quiz. this course has played major role in improving my knowledge regarding C language.

This is a best course for the C language. Although i already knew the language, this course helped me to clarify a lot of things. The instructor's approach to explain the language by using animations, graphics, reality examples and analogies was a very good approach to make the internals of the C language very clear and understandable for everyone.

Based on my results on the quizzes I'm learning and don't realize how much. Love the bite-sized approach to conveying material.

The course is original and made with love for C.The creator always happy to help with questions and motivating his students.Voice level changes, typo errors and lack of easy review made 5* to 3 1/2 *.But thank you for making and offering this course, I definitely recommend it to everybody if you like to learn C.

If you're interested in learning to code this is a must. I'm preparing for a web development boot camp and am hungry to learn the basics for a deeper understand. My buddy who writes Javascript professionally told me I need to stop trying to learn JS and go back and learn C since it's almost like latin to all other languages. I've been digging for months, taking Udemy courses on JS, computer science, data structures, etc.. and this course is the most thorough and well explained. There are considerable hard/tricky quiz's every few lectures to keep you on your toes. If you ever feel like something isn't well explained try google or just wait til the next lecture, I think the course is set up this way to keep you curious. I'm giving it a 4 star instead of 5 because the sound quality / voice-over is terrible... A real shame because the information content and graphics/animation are great. But don't let that influence your decision to take this course. A must buy for beginners.

I can imagine how much time and efforts you dedicated to this course. I am definitely becoming more familiar with intricacies of C language and very happy that I finally got it on Udemy. My classroom teacher could not give this much knowledge at college level during my CS degree courseGood thing about Udemy course is that I can download on my mobile and view off-line.I was an absolute beginner when I started this course, and now I can write some good small clean codes. The animation helps me to understand what goes inside the machine when a statement of C program is executed. Why this course is unique because the professional voice over artist explains why and how each statement is executed and what happens at the memory level.Each section has got numerous quiz and assignments to strengthen my concepts learned in the section.Highly recommend to anyone just starting out or people like me who know the basics and want to know wonderful world of C language with lots of fun and real life examples.

The graphics and presentation are very engaging thus far and the content is interesting.

The course will teach you the basics of programming and C. Unlike many other courses this course uses daily life examples to make it easier to understand concepts in computer science and programming. The instructor is friendly, knowledgable and very responsive. Also the assignments in the course will make you practice the teachings in an active manner. I highly recommend this course if you want to learn the C language.Update: 19/03/2016The course has become much better with the new additions.And thanks to the free updates by Mr Gholkar, there will be even more content in the future, with the incoming sections like File handling.You can learn more about the important concepts like pointers and structures and it is no longer a C programming basics course, as it is now the course is slowly turning into a full-fledged C programming course.As I said one year ago, I'll say it again:I highly recommend this course. If you want to learn C language and the basics of computer science, look no further, because this is the best course on udemy.

Its really awesome.........Great teacher........Great work...........Keep it up........Create some tutorials for Java as well.............There cant be many teachers like you in this world..........

the concepts are clearly explained and examples are given and explained

I have taken many courses in Udemy and this one really gave me the most value of all .excellent methodology, wonderful animations. It is very comprehensive, fun and thorough. Clearly it was created by a real teachers. Well done