Code! Programming with p5.js for Beginners

Learn JavaScript and p5.js the fun way! Enthusiastic instructor Daniel Shifman teaches JS and p5.js in this 7 hour YouTube series. p5.js is a popular JS library used for creating graphical interfaces.

Created by: Daniel Shiffman

Produced in 2019

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Overall Score : 84 / 100

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Course Description

This online course focuses on the fundamentals of computer programming (variables, conditionals, iteration, functions & objects) using JavaScript. In particular it leverages the p5.js creative computing environment which is oriented towards visual displays on desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones. The course is designed for computer programming novices.



    • The most fun and entertaining JS tutorial out there.
    • High production quality.
    • His off-the-wall teaching style makes the material a lot more memorable so you're more likely to retain what you learn.
    • The 'ADD' high-energy teaching style feels disorganized and hard to follow at times.
    • Doesn't teach best practices in some cases.

Instructor Details

Daniel Shiffman

Daniel Shiffman works as an Associate Arts Professor at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU's Tisch School of the Arts.Originally from Baltimore, Daniel received a BA in Mathematics and Philosophy from Yale University and a Master's Degree from the ITP. He is a director of The Processing Foundation and develops tutorials, examples, and libraries for Processing and p5.js. He is the author of Learning Processing: A Beginner's Guide to Programming Images, Animation, and Interaction and The Nature of Code (self-published via Kickstarter), an open source book about simulating natural phenomenon in Processing. He can be found talking incessantly on the YouTube about programming.



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By dipittydoop on 6/27/2017

I like the channel, but the style isn't how I prefer to learn. He's a little all over the place sometimes.

By creepyziti on 6/27/2017

I rarely ever actually work along with the videos, but I watch them often, just to see how he solves different problems. Super entertaining and educational.

By tgolsson on 6/27/2017

I find them quite entertaining, but as a professional software engineer I rarely learn anything from the way he codes. I think the biggest issue I have with them is that he had a few very basic idioms and uses them to solve all problems.

By SSID_Vicious on 6/27/2017

Excellent channel, there should be more people doing live coding, although i can imagine it is not the easiest. It really helps to see people struggle with problems and how they solve them, and see how they break up problems in smaller pieces. And his enthusiasm gives the channel a great vibe.

By cseibert531 on 6/30/2017

I personally don't enjoy learning via his channel because it's too ADHD for me, but his enthusiasm and production quality makes his channel very entertaining to watch.

By ReubenA on 6/27/2017

I absolutely love it. I don't watch it so much anymore, but when I was first starting to learn to code, I had a lot of difficulty in understanding all of the complexities. With processing (or p5), a lot of those complexities are stripped away.

By brcreeker on 3/26/2019

If you really want to break down various elements of coding to their essence, then his videos are really worth a watch.

By SeriousPerson9 on 3/26/2019

Coding Train on YouTube is one of the more popular video walkthrough for coding challenges. Video method does not work for me, (self disclosure) because I personally do not like being passively glued to a screen. It obviously works for a lot of other people.

By Srushti Mund on 12/31/2018

The coding train's channel on YouTube is a great resource. He makes all of his videos very entertaining. An ideal teacher, I would say. He teaches you all the basics with a twist.

By Maximilian on 2/15/2019

Finally someone energetic and insightful I can watch to keep me engaged awake whilst learning JS. Gone are the days of trying to keep my eyelids open with inhumane amounts of coffee dragging myself through FreeCodeCamp.

By shranjani Shukla on 9/21/2018

I have been following dan from the past 1 year and let me tell you one thing, he is the best channel on coding.

By apostolos k on 1/15/2019

Great work and thanks!!Very usefull especialy for an adult like me trying to learning coding.