Complete Sony Vegas Pro Video Editing Course for Beginners (

Learn video editing from zero using Sony Vegas Pro easily + more than 1500 ready templates included for Sony Vegas Pro !

Created by: Ahmed Mahdy

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • Create a Project and Adding Media to Timeline
  • Control Video Preview Settings
  • Remove Unwanted Part of Video
  • Replace Audio in Your Video
  • Add Animated Text to Your Video
  • Hide Channel Logo from Video
  • Hide Someone's Face along a Video
  • Showing only One Color in Video
  • Making a Ghost for YourSelf
  • Do Super Jump Effect
  • Do Fade in and Fade Out of video
  • Control Opacity of Video
  • Do Interference between 2 videos
  • Speed Up and Slow Down a Video
  • Control Velocity and Reverse a Video
  • Replace Green Screen Using Chroma Keyer
  • Zoom in and out a Video
  • Resize and Rotate a Video
  • Do more Than 25 Transitions
  • Control Brightness and Contrast of Video
  • Use Soft Contrast,Border and Camera Focus Effect
  • Do Film Effects and Film Grain
  • Do TV Simulator and Sony Sepia Effects
  • Render and Save video
  • Do Goku Super Saiyan White

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Overall Score : 86 / 100

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Course Description

Welcome to my own course for Sony Vegas Pro !!!

So what is the purpose of this course ?
We all want to learn about Video editing in the Shortest Time Possible and at the same time Get a lot of skills in this small time ! so with my own compressed course in Sony Vegas Pro , you will learn all the skills you need to Start your own Way in Video editing and In shortest time possible .

So what are you going to learn in this course ?

Create a project and adding media to Timeline, control video preview settings, replace audio in your video, add animated text to your video, hide channel logo from video, hide someone's face along a video, showing only one color in video.

You will also learn how to remove unwanted part of video, making a ghost for yourself, do super jump effect, do fade in and fade out of video, control opacity of video, do Interference between 2 videos.

In addition to learning how to control velocity and reverse a video, speed up and slow down a video, replace green screen using chroma keyer, resize, rotate a video, zoom in and out a video, do more than 25 transitions, control brightness and contrast of video, use soft contrast, border and camera focus effect.

Actually there is more ! I will give you links to more than 1500 ready templates instead of just making your own also professional and completely free .

In the end we are going to make an amv or an anime music video, you can find preview for the video in the course lectures.

So what are you waiting for ? Join now and start learning fast and easy !!

Who this course is for:
  • Anyone who wants to Learn Video Editing
  • Anyone who wants to Stop using Freelancers
  • Anyone who has the passion to be successful in YouTube

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Instructor Details

Ahmed Mahdy

I am Ahmed Mahdy an electrical power engineer, I am also an instructor at Udemy, Skillshare, StackCommerce, StackSkills and StackSocial with 13 courses.
I have a YouTube educational engineering channel called" Khadija Academy", i regularly post videos related to electrical engineering.
I am also an author on Amazon Kindle having 6 books about YouTube, science fiction and electrical engineering.

In 2018 Udemy awarded me of being from top 10% most engaging instructors.

I also created Khadija Academy on Teachable platform in 2019 , my mission is "Learn the fundamentals of electrical engineering branches from absolute beginner to advanced level."

I worked with different editing software starting from windows movie maker to Sony Vegas Pro and then Adobe After Effects.

In every one of my Udemy courses, you'll see that I am always available and always offer you support through each course. I will join your success and help you through any obstacles.
You'll notice that my courses get many 5-star ratings & reviews and my student satisfaction ratings also reflect this.
In the many positive course reviews my courses get, most people like the Way i Explain everything and encouraging teaching style that I convey as well as how I get right to the point and walk you, step-by-step through Complex Ideas.
(You'll find my courses below this bio - and all of my courses have at least 10 minutes of free previews available to you, so you can quickly



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The subjects weren't thoroughly explained and I couldn't understand a lot because of his accent. I was able to pick up a few things but there was more discussed in other courses that I could use.

So far very clear and concise. Only 1 issue yet with the course material being louder than the instructor and not able to hear him.

It was a nice refresher course. The spot about velocity was talked about however the lack of an example left me a bit confused. Over all I learn some new tricks to add to my work.

This is short amazing straight to the point course where you will get basic how editing works and save you a lot of time.I took me about one hour to watch, and one whole day to try, practice everything from section one, and I feel confident now for some basic very common used things in video editing.Most things are clearly explained in 2 to 5 minutes in different video topics without need to ask instructor for additional help.Instructor is fast at responding to questions, and accept suggestions.5+ recommendation for people that want to get basics in very short time.

The content isn't presented at a good pace. The volume is off. You can't hear him sometimes. He's also very quick and doesn't go into detail. Also hard to understand his accent.

First half were examples of various techniques. The second half was animating a anime with music. I felt the first half was more valuable

This alright its very informative

I use Vegas Pro but felt I needed refreshing on some points. This course, so far, is just what I needed.

Ja aber schlechte Qualitt fr 199 (ein Glck soweit reduziert ;)

It was great and it helped a beginner like me to understand about using Sony vegas

Sorry sir but awful english, terrible pronunciation. I finished the course but it was pretty difficult to get that english. At least you could add some subtitles. (Some real written subtitles tho, not the auto ones which google creates, that doesn't work due to teachers' bad pronunciation.)2nd of all, couldn't find much in the course. It was super basic, if you spend time on the program a bit on your own, i believe that you will discover more than he teaches. I only spended 2-4 hrs on vegas pro and already knew most of the stuff he told. I'm sorry but i don't recommend it to anyone. waste of money.

While it is giving me some good info, it is only giving me info on the capabilities thus far and not actually showing how to do it, just talking me through it in away I can understand but still will have a lot of experimenting to get where I want