Excel Crash Course: Master Excel for Financial Analysis (Udemy.com)

Beginner to Advanced: Learn Excel Shortcuts, Formulas & Functions for Financial Modeling & Corporate Finance

Created by: Tim Vipond

Produced in 2016

What you will learn

  • Perform professional level financial analysis in Excel
  • At the end the course students will be able use industry best practices when building financial models in Excel

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Overall Score : 90 / 100

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Course Description

Course Description

Learn all the tips, tricks, shortcuts, functions and formulas you need to be an Excel power user. This course is designed specifically for Excel users who are performing professional financial analysis and financial modeling. We cover all levels - from beginner to advanced users.
Build a strong foundation in Excel for careers in:
  • Investment banking
  • Private equity
  • Corporate development
  • Equity research
  • Financial Planning & Analysis (FP&A)
Learn industry leading best practices. This course is based on first-hand investment banking training programs at global banks. The quality of instruction you receive in this course will have you just as sharp as if you took an expensive, live Wall Street course.
Content and Overview This course starts with the basics and quickly progresses to a level where even experts will learn something new. We think it's important to start at the bottom and build a solid base, which is why we review all the foundational skills you need.
In the second half of the course you'll notice the functions and formulas getting more sophisticated and the quality of financial analysis and financial modeling becoming much higher.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Learn everything you need to know about Excel for a career in corporate finance
  • Master shortcuts, functions, and formulas to save time speed up you modeling skills
  • Follow industry leading best practices
  • Stand out in an interview or move up the ladder at work by dramatically boosting your Excel skills and confidence

Who this course is for:
  • This Excel course is meant for all levels from beginner to advanced. Power users should skip the earlier chapters.
  • The content is geared towards financial modeling and financial analysis used in investment banking, equity research, private equity and more.

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Instructor Details

Tim Vipond

Tim is CEO of the Corporate Finance Institute (CFI).
Corporate Finance Institute (CFI) is a leading financial analyst certification company that provides career-focused financial modeling training. CFI's courses have been delivered to tens of thousands of individuals at the top universities, investment banks, accounting firms and operating companies in the world. CFI is the official provider of the Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst (FMVA) designation.
Tim has over 12 years of experience in capital markets across a wide range of transactions including mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, and capital raising totaling more than $3 billion.
His professional experience includes investment banking, investment management, corporate development, strategy and corporate finance.



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By Sebastian Rios on 3 weeks ago

This course helped me as a Finance undergraduate student looking to become proficient and comfortable with Excel and its applications in financial modeling. I appreciate the focus on teaching keyboard shortcuts to speed up financial modeling and emphasizing efficient and dynamic methods to create models. What I would have preferred is for the instructor to have spoken a little slower on certain sections and for him to have narrated small details more often, especially when formatting. Nonetheless, it was a great and insightful course.

By Kushal Shah1 on a month ago

This course is brilliant. In so little time you can improve your modelling skills vastly.

By Chidozie Daniels on 2 months ago

I thought I would be taught to build a robust model

By Nikita Khilko on 3 months ago

The Author is an absolute professional. Thank you, for sharing your skills, I will certainly buy your main product in the near future

By Happi on 4 months ago

As a beginner in financial modeling, the course gave some foundations and the excel skills leaned have helped to notice the necessity of previous excel courses took elsewhere.I definitely recommend this short course, the content is clear and pragmatic.

By Jonathan Lamb on 5 months ago

Really well put together, slow detailed explanations so you don't fall behind. The only downside might be that the content truly is limited in depth but for the actual topics and skills it does cover, it does that very well.

By Dhruv Pathak on 5 months ago

The course covers important concepts in thorough detail. Given the 3.5-4 hours run time, making it a relatively short course, there is a lot of value that can be extracted from it.

By Berry Choi on 3 months ago

Was hoping for more downloadable resources. Perhaps more unique practice problems. Other than that, I learned a lot. Good job!

By Ian Vidalin on a month ago

Learned a ton of Excel Hotkeys & Excel Finance Best-Practices.

By Emiliana Cedillo Rico on 6 months ago

I believe it is worthwhile to engage in this course.I've learned many tricks to improve my excel skills.Shortcuts, macros, useful functions I've never heard about...I'm satisfied with the course goals.

By Dale Ede on 5 months ago

Wonderful course for providing general use of Excel. Although I have been using Excel for over 20 years, and I am self-taught, I learned a couple of functions that are helpful! The course is well paced and information presented clearly. I enjoyed taking this course and will be taking some others.

By Alvin Rosen on 3 months ago

Very easy to grasp, sometimes goes a little fast but you can always rewind.