Java Fundamentals: The Java Language

Pluralsight offers this eight-hour course to beginners in Java coding. It goes over the foundational concepts needed to develop Java apps, including Android, server-side and client-based development. No prior experience with Java or programming is necessary to complete this course.

Created by: Jim Wilson

Produced in 2015

What you will learn

  • Simple App Creation: this series of lessons takes you through every step of creating your own app.
  • An introduction: the course walks you through setting up your Java environment.
  • Variables, Data Types and Operators
  • Looping, Arrays and Conditional Logic
  • Classes
  • Parameters
  • Class Inheritance
  • Exceptions and Error
  • Packages
  • Abstract Relationships

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Overall Score : 90 / 100

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Course Description

This course provides complete coverage of the Java programming language giving you the strong language foundation required for any Java-based development environment. Whether targeting a client-based, server-side, or Android environment, this course provides you with everything you need to quickly ramp up and become an effective Java programmer.



    • The free trial allows you to get a feel for the class before you commit to the time and money to completing it.
    • The course covers a comprehensive set of topics for Java beginners.
    • Practical learning ensures that the course cannot be completed without a working knowledge of each topic that is covered.
    • With just under eight hours of instruction, the course offers less overall instruction for each concept than many peer courses.
    • Course requires a Pluralsight membership. You cannot simply pay for the single course and keep it.
    • This course does not go beyond beginner levels in each topic.

Instructor Details

Jim Wilson

Jim Wilson is president of JW Hedgehog, Inc., a consulting firm specializing in solutions for the Android, iOS, and Microsoft platforms. Jim has over 30 years of software engineering experience, with the past 15 years heavily focused on creating mobile device and location-based solutions.



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By javinpaul on 9/5/2019

This is a great Java course for beginners on Pluarlsight. You will learn the basics of Java, Class, Object, Data Types, Threads, Files, Error handling and other core Java concepts.The instructor Jim Wilson is an experienced software engineer with more than 30 years of experience under his belt.In short, a good course to learn Java from a beginners point of view. It provides complete coverage of Java Programming language and servers as found for all Java-based development jobs e.g. server-side development and client-side developing including Android apps.

By BlaiseSM on 9/17/2019

For absolute newbies, Piuralsight Java courses are too complex, no matter how "fundamentals", "basics" are in its titles.

By nibble25 on 1/8/2016

After taking two Java classes, I felt confident and wanted to review before I move on and create something with my knowledge. I ended up learning more and filling holes in my understanding with Jim Wilson's Java Fundamentals.

By Deen John on 2/13/2017

Even if you are a experienced java developer ,you would love these course & find something new.