JavaScript Core fundamentals - Learn JavaScript Here

What you'll learn How to use JavaScript Develop Basic JavaScript Skills Apply JavaScript to create applications

Created by: Laurence Svekis

Produced in 2019

Course Description

Description Learn JavaScript Language Fundamentals and start coding JavaScript Today. Source Code is included so you can try the code. Resources and tips are provided throughout the course when appropriate. Modern JavaScript focused means that we do cover current syntax as well as foundational code.A No frameworks or JavaScript libraries you can do it all with regular vanilla JavaScript. All you need is a browser to see JavaScript in action and with a few lines of code you can do a whole lot.A It"s easy let us show you. Course covers Setup you working development environment and get ready to write some code. What JavaScript is and how code works.A Tools and resources used to write JavaScript How to create JavaScript Code and run it in your browser Comments and debugging with the console Variables and how to create and store values in code Declaring variables assigning values Using let and const as variables Strings Numbers and Boolean data types Other data types null, undefined Best practices and rules to name variables Using JavaScript windows methods alert and prompt Creating template literals Challenge #1 Using Template literals in code JavaScript type conversion and how it works JavaScript Operators Comparison and Assignment operators Challenge #2 to create a Miles to Kilometers Converter Truthy or Falsy JavaScript Conditions if else statements JavaScript Conditions else if statements Using Short ternary operator Conditions with Multiple conditions and logical operators Challenge #3 - Hello Greeter JavaScript Switch statement JavaScript Functions JavaScript Functions arguments and default values JavaScript Functions return values JavaScript click events on elements Function declaration vs expression Function scope global vs local Function recursion IIFE (Immediately Invoked Function Expression) ES6 Arrow format JavaScript Objects Object Method and const Functions to create Objects JavaScript Arrays Array methods to do more with arrays Array filter JavaScript Loops and iteration forEach, object and array data Challenge #4 - Loops Array builder JavaScript Map No libraries, no shortcuts just learning JavaScript maki

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Laurence Svekis

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