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A Complete Python Course Focused on Problem Solving that will Expand into All Python Can Do

Created by: Derek Banas

Produced in 2022

What you will learn

  • A complete understanding of Python and related technologies with a focus on problem solving

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Overall Score : 94 / 100

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Course Description

What You'll Learn
  • Learn the Core Python 3 Language at a Deep Level
  • Learn how to Solve Real Programming Problems with a Focus on Teaching Problem Solving Skills
  • Understand Python as an Object Oriented and Functional Programming Language
  • Create GUI Applications using TkInter, Kivy and soon PyQt
  • Create Applications that Utilize Databases
  • We will Expand into Algorithms, Django, Flask and Machine Learning
  • A Living Breathing Course that will Grow with You
  • Instructor has 26 Years of Professional Experience and a Decade of Experience Making Educational Videos
Course Focused on Teaching How to Solve Problems
Do you want to develop the skills required to solve real world programming problems? This course will turn you into a real Python programmer that has a complete understanding of everything Python can do!
Most tutorials are just video versions of cheat sheets. This course is different. It teaches you how to solve problems like you will have to do in the real world. It does that by making you solve ever increasingly complex problems.
Don't worry. I will be there to help along the way. I work through the solutions and also provide heavily commented code and quizzes that will turn you into a Python Master!
This course provides numerous problems followed their solutions while teaching the core language through database, GUI and soon web development.
Start Slow and Aim to Learn Everything
We start by installing Python on Windows and MacOS. The core language will then be taught. Between each main lesson I'll break down the solutions through diagrams.
This is a living breathing tutorial! I'll be adding more on Algorithms, Data Structures, PyQt, Django, Flask, Data Analysis, Scikit-learn, TensorFlow and More!
You will get lifetime access to this growing course along with all the heavily commented code, quizzes!
This course comes with a 30 day money back guarantee! If you are not completely satisfied you get your money back.
You're ready to become a Python Master and this course will get you there! Learn to solve real problems and advance your career to the next level. I'll be there to help for each step.Who this course is for:
  • Beginner through Advanced Python Programmers

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Derek Banas

Back in 1984, Derek fell in love with computers when he received a TRS-80 his neighbor was throwing in the trash. He went on to study electrical engineering at Penn State. While there he worked as a systems administrator.
While attending college he won a coding competition where he designed a virtual reality system that had a head mounted display and haptic feedback gloves made from Nintendo power gloves.
A representative from Apple offered Derek a job at that time. While at Apple Derek worked on Quicktime and VR related technologies.
After working for Apple Derek worked in the financial industry until the 2007 financial crisis. Seeing that millions where out of work Derek started his own company. That company had 3 main focuses. At the local level he provided low cost $30 all day courses in which he taught skills in technology that people could use to get a job. He also helped small business owners create online stores. He didn't except any up front money, but instead would only make money if those online stores made money.
The 3rd focus was to provide online education for the world. He started a YouTube channel in 2008 and went on to make over 1,000 videos that have been viewed over 92 million times. His videos rank in the top 3 for every programming language.
Derek has a passion for educating people! He has worked in the technology field on a professional level for 26 years. He has been making educational videos for over 10 years. His goal is to empower o



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By Parinith karkala on 2 months ago

it was a really good course,well explained and the quizes with the exercises helped a lot.

By Festus on 2 months ago

it is a good one , it is my first time to learn python i'm finding it very exciting , the code is short, understandable

By Tonika Hristova on 2 months ago

The course is great, the only thing that can be improved is to include more exercises for each part

By Malcolm Dixon on 2 months ago

Detailed and well explained content with quizzes and exercises to reinforce learning, much better than expected. Derek keeps expanding this tutorial for free both SQLite and tkinter (GUI) has been added since I enrolled. There is less testing in the later modules. Highly recommended.

By Nali on 2 months ago

This is really good. The instructions are good and I really like the questions and problem solving. This was one thing I always had issues with, how to practice.Thanks for this course.

By Karthik Sekar on 3 months ago

This course is really helping me to pick up Python very fast and the way of explanations are really good.

By Adam Fetters on 2 months ago

It's great for someone just starting out in programming or python or needs a refresher. I have coding experience in multiple languages and have used python before, just needed to get a little deeper understanding. Derek is a great teacher and he is adding more to this all the time. Defiantly recommend!

By Javier Fernandez on 2 months ago

Derek has a great understanding of Python and common algorithms/patterns to solve problems. Derek has a great ability of explaining directly each subject without being verbose or messing concepts, so that he makes very easily to understand the lessons.I highly recommend this course for anyone with no previous knowledge, as well for everybody with whatever level of Python knowledge for refreshing concepts.

By Sai Teja Thuta on 3 months ago

I really love this course. It's in a simple and understandable manner..

By Robert D. Fowler on a month ago

Excellent course. Brought me up to speed in Python very quickly.

By Hardik Patel on 2 months ago

Thank you very much!It was great learning experience..

By Ramki Krishnan on 2 months ago

Some concepts were rushed, which a newcomer may find difficult to follow.