SQL Server Essentials, from Scratch (Udemy.com)

Step-by-Step Beginner's Training Course in SQL Server. No prior database knowledge is needed.

Created by: Joey Blue

Produced in 2018

What you will learn

  • By the end of the course, you will have a foundation in SQL Server and the vocabulary and understanding to talk about and use SQL Server with confidence.
  • You will know how to navigate SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) to find database objects and business data.
  • You will understand how to take advantage of Management Studio to make you work faster and more efficient.
  • You will understand the different pieces in SQL Server. Including, Tables, Views, Stored Procedures, Security, Backups, Indexes and Schemas to help you talk to DBA's, Programmers, IT and to sound smart when you are speaking about databases.
  • You will know how to write SQL statements to CREATE, Retrieve, Update, and Delete data.
  • You will be able to create basic Views and Stored Procedures.
  • You will be able to Filter, Join, Sort, and Group data.
  • You will be able to create basic Views, Stored Procedures, and Functions.
  • You will have foundational knowledge

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Course Description

You learned a little SQL, but you are ready to take the next step and really understand how databases work. Or maybe you are a complete beginner. Here's a little secret. It's not that complicated. That's right. Databases are actually a very simple concept that starts with a simple Table just like a spreadsheet in Excel. Everything else in the database is built around this little concept of a table.
With a little SQL Server knowledge, you can retrieve data yourself. You can automate your reporting. You can help management find information and troubleshoot problems. You can even transfer this knowledge to Oracle and MySQL.
In this course, veteran consultant, Joey Blue, takes you through the essentials of SQL Server right through advanced topics such as backups, security, and indexes. This course is recommended for all business and IT professionals that want to advance their careers by understanding their corporate database. Who this course is for:
  • Business Analysts
  • IT Professional
  • Business Professional
  • Accountants
  • Web Developers
  • Managers
  • Software Developers
  • Programming Students
  • Financial Analysts
  • Process Engineers
  • Anyone interested in understanding data and databases.

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Instructor Details

Joey Blue

Joey has been working with Data for over 18years. He works during the day as aconsultant in the Business Intelligence space, which includes SQL Server and itsBI Stack.

In the evenings, he creates videos on YouTubeto document some of the problems he runs into working with customers. On Udemy, Joey has put together someexcellent trainings.

Don't forget to visit Joey's website to findextra videos and discounts.

"Send me a message if you have any questionsabout my videos and training."



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I like the stored procedure and function explanation. I would like to suggest to add some complex stored procedure sample like getting the result to a CSV report or reading CSV and saving it to table.

Very good for the basics. The pace was a bit slow at times but the trainer made up for it by delivering clear, easy to understand explanations and examples.

The course instructor does not assume anything about your knowledge level with T-SQL or SQL server. This is a good course for someone no experience with those topics, but the later lessons also offer something beyond the basic level. The later lessons are a good introduction to intermediate and advanced topics. The course does progress slowly, but you will not get lost along the way. Overall, the course met my expectations, and I would consider taking another course from this instructor.

I like the pace of this tutorial. I like how relaxing Joey's narration of what is happening too. Thanks, Joey. =)

Joey is very knowledgeable and you can tell by how he shares extra info that's not in the books. I like also that he doesn't rush videos to go all the way into practice, he takes time to make sure what he's explaining is clear. Definitely a great instructor, thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

very clear and easy to understand, really like the extra information about reporting tools, Like it a lot. and I definitely will review again and again to enhance every point. It is practical and valuable. Thank you Joey!

I am enjoying the course. I think that the information is what I need to generate my own projects, and be able to come up with solutions in my workplace.

So far, a little bit messy the way it is being explained. Good thing he started from the very beggining, helping newbies with some theory before starting the SQL programming though.

I have used SQL in the past, but it was quite a while ago. I wanted a refresher course, and something that would help me navigate SQL Server (which I have never used.) The beginning of this course gets into technical things more than necessary. Some of it is good background to know, but not something I think I will ever need. Don't be intimidated! When he starts getting into the actual SQL it is very basic - suitable for beginners. But I did jump ahead to a lesson on SQL and Excel, and I learned something that will be very helpful to me!! Hopefully I find other nuggets like that.

Really good course! Just got better and better. The bonus section really was a bonus and knocked me out with how much Joey covered with SSRS, Excel and Power Pivot.

very well explained

I learned alot and will be able to use the foundation to build on.