The Complete Digital Marketing Bootcamp (

Learn how to set up winning campaigns using Facebook, Google, YouTube, SEO, Email, Retargeting, and Google Analytics

Created by: Seijin Jung

Produced in 2017

What you will learn

  • Use digital marketing to drive business objectives
  • Be able to develop concrete digital marketing campaigns
  • Better understand different components of digital marketing
  • Become a digital marketer
  • Be able to bring more new customers through digital marketing
  • Be able to retain customers through digital marketing
  • Be able to use different tools to analyze and optimize digital marketing campaigns

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Course Description

The average starting salary for skilled digital marketing managers in the United States can easily go beyond $100,000 per year, and there's never been a better time to be a digital marketer!
My name is Seijin, and this course is for anyone like you who wants to kickstart your own digital marketing activities. Whether you run your own business, or you want to begin your professional career in digital marketing, this course will provide all the fundamentals of digital marketing you'd need. Through this course, you will gain not only theoretical foundations of marketing, but also practical skills you can use right away. You will learn about the key concepts of digital marketing strategy, new user acquisition, customer retention, and analytics along with step-by-step instructions to actually set up your own marketing campaigns on Facebook, Google Adwords, YouTube, and other channels. I look forward to seeing you in the course!
This course is for anybody wanting to get a comprehensive understanding of marketing in the digital world. Whether you run your own business, or you want to begin your professional career in digital marketing, this course will provide all the fundamentals of digital marketing you'd need. I will help you gain not only theoretical foundations of marketing, but also practical skills you can use right away. As you take this course, I will help you get familiar with the key concepts, and help you actually get your hands dirty to run impactful digital marketing campaigns step by step.

This course is carefully designed with multiple sections so that you can grasp the core components of digital marketing easily but most effectively. We will begin by understanding how to develop a concrete strategy. I will walk you through the entire process of setting up digital marketing campaigns from scratch. After you develop your overall strategy, we will then delve into the new user acquisition section. In this section, you'll learn about different types of ads you can run across paid channels like Facebook, Instagram, Adwords, and YouTube. You'll also learn how you can use content marketing on your own non-paid channels like Facebook Page and Instagram. We'll also look at different organic tactics like Search Engine Optimization. Once we understand how we get new users to your business, we'll learn about how we can retain those users more effectively. In this section, I will help you set up impactful retention strategy and actually run email and retargeting campaigns using Mailchimp and Facebook. In the following section, you'll learn how to use analytics to optimize your campaigns across all your digital marketing channels. I will help you understand some of the key metrics you need to closely track and tools you can use for your daily analysis. Once we do that, I will provide some of my suggestions for next steps based on your different needs. I believe this will help you use this course as a meaningful stepping stone to achieve your learning goal - whether it be getting a new job, running your company, or advancing your career.Who this course is for:
  • Beginners who want to kickstart their learning in digital marketing
  • Entrepreneurs who want to use digital marketing to drive business success
  • Small-business Owners who want to bring more success to their businesses through digital marketing
  • Aspiring Marketers who would like to learn about digital marketing

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Instructor Details

Seijin Jung

Nice to e-meet you all! I'm a Silicon Valley marketing professional & entrepreneur with years of hands-on professional business experiences at multiple companies including Google, LG, Udemy, and many other startups. I have an MBA degree from the Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, where I studied marketing and management to supplement my real-life business experiences.
I'm passionate about learning new things and sharing them with others. I truly believe that online learning is the best way to learn new skills beyond your comfort zone.
Sign up to my course and join me in this amazing adventure today!



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it was an awesome experience for me as it touched most of the questions i had in mind.

It was good, but I am 1 year behind. Since I had a huge problem with the audio in the early parts of the lecture, i think I forgot about this course that I enrolled in. I would definitely revisit the course from the start so that I can have a better grasp of the lecture.

Overall this was a decent introduction to the digital marketing field. The use of examples was great, audio quality could have used some improvement.

The explanation is very clear. The content presented are very interesting. I like the way the presentation.

Great introduction to digital marketing, very clear and concise

Audio quality could have been better.

I will be using this both personally and professionally.

this is pretty basic material so far...speaker is articulate and knowledgeable

I have enrolled in this course like 2 years ago but had a chance to finished it today, because I need it for my work.I can say this course was good for basic knowledge for digital marketing (mostly paid and own). For those who looking for deep learning about analytics you definitely can't find here. Overall it was good (aside from the sound was to small) but I was hoping there would be an update about the tools in 2019.

I like it so far but it is nothing new.

Lots of useful information!

Sound is very low..